The dataset was collected from 10 participant who knows the ASL alphabet. The participants repeated each letter 40 times in two sessions. The surface EMG signal was collected via the MYO armband from Thalmic Labs.  

Data is collected at 60 Hz, The subject would repeatedly perform a hand gesture on request which was made using a Prompt shown on a screen. The prompt would repeat 5 times making the user repeat a gesture 5 times. After which a different prompt would appear asking the user to make a different hand gesture.

The data set consists of 1 ch ECG, 1ch GSR, and Pupillometery signals. The ECG, GSR, and pupillometry signals were recorded by BioHarness chest strap, Shimmer3 GSR+, and Pupil Lab headset. 

The signals were collected during the Human-Robot Collaboration task, where the robot changed its behaviors: Velocity, Trajectory, and Sensitivity. The biological signals are collected from 20 healthy college students.