SimpleHand: PPG based Hand Gesture Dataset

Example:    Folder name = Subject Identifier. Folder P1 contains all data from the same subject.

File name represents Subject ID and trial number. Data from File P1_1 and P1_2 belong to the same subject, however are from different trials of the same experiment. This nomenclature applies to all participants.

About how the data is Collected:

Data is collected at 60 Hz, The subject would repeatedly perform a hand gesture on request which was made using a Prompt shown on a screen. The prompt would repeat 5 times making the user repeat a gesture 5 times. After which a different prompt would appear asking the user to make a different hand gesture.

The type of Hand Gesture can be identified from the description below.

Label 1: Close Fist

Label 2: Thumbs Up

Label 3: Wave In

Label 4: Wave Out

Label 5: Rest

Label -1: Invalid Data

About How data is stored in CSV Files:

Columns 1:3 Contain the PPG reading at that instant.

Column 4 represents Which Hand Gesture was being made at that instant.