mablThe MABL laboratory is a research laboratory led by Dr. Ferat Sahin of the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Multi Agent Bio-Robotics Laboratory houses research related to robotics ranging from:


  • Assistive technologies
  • Machine learning
  • Industrial robotics
  • Computer vision
  • Current research at MABL involves using Robot Operating System (ROS) to unify and consolidate these fields.
  • Research to analyze body signals to control and interact with robots and computers is also pursued.
  • Other research involves system of systems design, fault detection, decision support systems and analyzing properties of nano-mechanical systems.

The MABL Lab  research involves :

  • Baxter Humanoid Robot.
  • Robotic Wheelchair Control.
  • Assistive Technologies : Smart Walker, Brain Controlled Robots and Interfaces.
  • Industrial Robotics and Automation.
  • ADEPT Viper 650 Industrial Arm.
  • Robot Operating System (ROS) based research.
  • 3D – Printing: Modelling and Mixed Material printing
  • Fault Detection, Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Self-Organization and Colonization of Microrobots
  • Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for Bayesian Network Generation
  • A Simulation Environment for Decision-theoretic Intelligent Agents
  • Ubiquitous Computing for Printing Environments
  • Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Behavior Models